Quality Kaizen Implementation Competition

Quality Kaizen Implementation Competition

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Suggested template for Kaizen : Kaizen Reference Sheet

Theme-“Improving Quality of life by using renewable Energy”

Guidelines for Kaizen Implementation

  • A proper report mentioning the following to be uploaded online
    1. Proper Title
    2. Problem statement
    3. RCA/Diagnosis
    4. Solution analysis
    5. Before and after implementation scenario(supported with embedded pictures if any)
    6. Tangible and intangible benefits achieved
    7. Any other points
  • Organizations/Institutes to submit photographs and videos online stating how they have improved, standardized or excelled in their activities/process/productivity within their organization by following this approach.
  • Contestants can include "before" and "after" photographs clearly describing the improvement in the organization/Institute as a part of the report
  • One can also upload a small video (not more than 15 seconds) for the same. If the video is larger than the allowed size limit, then please include the link to the uploaded video in the report itself.
  • Image/videos should be supported by benefits achieved clearly stating how the organization has achieved performance excellence and what quality tools they have used to achieve the same.
  • SPOC submitting the entries will receive an email confirmation that the application was received.
  • This is an organizational level recognition.

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